Branding Process Step 6: Marketing Collateral

To wrap up your brand package, I design up to 3 marketing pieces of your choice to promote your new brand identity! Be Creative With marketing collateral, it is so fun to think outside the box and choose items that really fit with the vibe of your brand. For instance, if the product that you […]

Branding Process Step 5: Presentation

I love when other entrepreneurs are transparent with their process. In my mind they are more trustworthy and relatable when I can know what to expect before I choose to work with them. I can feel great about investing in my business when I know upfront how their services are going to help me move […]

Branding Process Step 4: Brand Design

Hey everybody! I am so glad to be joining you this Tuesday to break down the fourth step in my Branding Process post series. If you missed the first three steps, you can find them here: Step 1, Step 2, Step 3. It’s more than just design and branding, it’s your peace of mind Since […]

Branding Process Step 3: Discovery

Hey friends! I’m popping in today continuing on with my Branding Process post series and hooray—we’ve made it halfway through. Today we’re talking about the Discovery Phase, and since I’m a huge advocate for quality research and strategy behind graphic design, I get so excited to begin this stage with every project. And now, I’m […]

Branding Process Step 2: Kick-off Call

Possibly my favorite part of the branding process are the relationships I get to build with my clients. I love hearing the passion in your voice as you describe the vision behind your business, the growth you envision in the future, and the ways in which you hope to serve your clients well.  A chance […]

Branding Process Step 1: Client Questionnaire

There are so many designers out there, so why work with me? Hey fellow business owners! If you’re thinking about branding (or rebranding) your business, then this Branding Process post series is something you’ll want to follow along with. I’ll be posting 6 articles over the next few weeks explaining the different steps of my […]