Case Study: Lizzy’s Sweet Treats

Ahhh I am so excited for the post I’m sharing with you today! Over the last two months, I’ve been working with my sweet sister-in-law (Elizabeth) on such a fun project—fresh branding for her baking business. Talk about a dream client AND project!!

I’m sure you’ve already scrolled to see her lovely designs, but don’t forget to hop back up here to read the design brief + how we brought Elizabeth’s ideas and words to life!

Design Brief

Before I begin any design work, I ask my clients to complete a brand questionnaire which prompts them to articulate things like target audience, brand characteristics and tone, the reasons they want a new brand identity, and any other considerations. I then create the Discovery Phase, which includes a collage of images and creative brief document that clearly outlines the information covered in my client’s brand questionnaire. The two main reasons I do this step is to ensure that my client and I are on the same page before diving into any design work + it drives the strategy and all of the design choices I make throughout the brand design process.

Lizzy’s Sweet Treats was SO fun to work through on the discovery phase. Based on our discussions and Elizabeth’s answers on the brand questionnaire, I had a pretty clear vision for her brand, but the Discovery Phase just brought it all to life.

The top creative considerations and distinguishing characteristics were to be welcoming and specialty, creating a whimsical/soft yet sophisticated feeling.

I was able to achieve these feelings through the design with three major categories:


Choosing a straight, fancier typeface for “Lizzy’s” is what highlights the sophisticated and specialty vibe for the brand. Lizzy is the only baker for her business, making her name a huge part of her brand, which prompted me to choose a bold style for “Lizzy’s” so it would pop off the page. By pairing this bold typeface with a simple secondary typeface which is displayed in “Sweet Treats”, the brand now feels sophisticated, while still appearing welcoming and soft.


In this post I jump into how I choose color for my branding clients and why it’s such an important and drawn-out step.

For LST, color came naturally. We knew the main bright shade of pink (Peony) paired with a darker gray would create the feeling of being a specialty bakery. After that, I found neutral accent tones and softer lavender and slate blue/gray colors to compliment the primary colors.

Illustrations, Patterns, and Collateral

Finally, creating custom baking illustrations, using those illustrations for patterns, and designing original print pieces (business cards, menus, and packaging), all work together to set Lizzy’s Sweet Treats apart as a specialty and custom bakery that is well-rounded and welcoming.

I love looking at this brand as a whole. Branding truly is more than just a logo. When all of these pieces and categories are working together to create those feelings you wish to evoke in your audience—THAT is a successful brand.

Hope you enjoyed this peak inside Lizzy’s Sweet Treats as much as I have loved sharing about it. Check out her sweet brand below!


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