How to Prepare for a Rebrand

If you follow my design studio, you’ll find that I’m a fan of brand redesigns. Of course I don’t mean redesigning any brand for any reason. But what I have come to appreciate about rebranding is that it does not have to be a completely new idea. It can be, if your business has shifted […]

Logo Redesign Case Study #1 (Plus a free brand evaluation guide!)

As the summer days continue to pass on by, I thought I’d hop on the blog today to share a behind-the-scenes look at a brand I was hired to redesign for our local summer festival. Take a peek at the before and after image below to help you visualize the intentional design choices made to simplify […]

How to know when it’s time to rebrand

Happy Tuesday! This week’s post is a little different. It’s short and sweet, PLUS you get a free brand evaluation guide to help you discover the strengths and weaknesses of your branding today. Follow the link below to snag the guide and start evaluating where your current branding may be falling short and what simple […]

Branding Process Step 1: Client Questionnaire

There are so many designers out there, so why work with me? Hey fellow business owners! If you’re thinking about branding (or rebranding) your business, then this Branding Process post series is something you’ll want to follow along with. I’ll be posting 6 articles over the next few weeks explaining the different steps of my […]