One Vision Haiti Logo Reveal

Over the last few months, I’ve had the opportunity to come alongside Katelyn’s Fund and One Vision Haiti to redesign the One Vision logo. It was our hope to develop a complete brand identity that represents who they are and all that God is doing to transform lives for generations to come.

We saw this as an opportunity to celebrate new beginnings, to walk in hope, and to seek joy even in the midst of challenges.


When first meeting with Francisco, One Vision Director & President, over a video call, we talked through the ideas he had and the intention in redesigning the logo. It was a desire to better represent the mission he feels One Vision is called to. In his words, he described this mission as a circle: how we all having different strategies and unique gifts from the Lord, but are all one—one body and family in Christ. Another aspect that we kept coming back to in our conversation was the desire to bring generational change. How the impact we are making today will overflow into the generations that follow.

The Design

After a few weeks of thinking, praying, sketching, designing, and repeating this process, I had developed a concept I felt truly represented One Vision. I’ve put together a simple diagram explaining the intentional design choices made to create a logo with depth and purpose.

In the video below, you’ll hear as I walk through the meaning and prayer that anchors the design and how we’ve implemented the new brand in fun ways (think school uniforms, marketing materials, a website, and more).

It’s exciting to think about the ways the Lord will work through the new design—to encourage prayer, to advocate for the orphan, and to bring awareness to the needs we have specifically at One Vision.

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